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November 28, 2006



Oh the hookah. OR if you're in england or other countries the sheesha. I've never smoked pot in mine, glad you gave the reasons not to :) how's life in the country?


Now THAT is a great site! I learned several things:
* You are an apostate
* Rick Warren is an apostate
* Joel Osteen is an apostate

If the enemy of my enemy is my friend, does that make you and Rick and Joel the three amigos?

* U2 songs are all about saving the whales (which apparently is a bad thing).

* Your lunesta is a cry for someone to tell you the truth---which is just what the wonderful fundies have done

* Doing a cannonball in the baptistry (in the name of the Father, Son, and helluva lotta fun) = no-no

As I look through the site, I can't figure out who or what these people like. They're wound so tight, the only way out is some Haggard-esque meltdown.

Chris P.

A noticeable lack foundation here, as in other blogs of this ilk.

This statement reveals more about you than you realize:

"I am not a fundamentalist. If you think drinking is a sin, save your sermons for whatever children God has seen fit in his wisdom to deliver into your pathological clutches."

I love those who think they are the newly enlightened move of God.

Of course the fundies/pharisees are those who adhere to Scripture as truth.
This then gives complete license to disregard truth and justify any behavior.
If you like Warrenh and Osteen, then by all means follow the leaders of the lemmings over the precipice.


Chris, you adhere to your interpretation of scripture as truth. Some of us---oh, say, like Jesus---think it's okay to have a good time. And some of us think that when christianity is nothing but a list of do's and don'ts, it kinda misses the point of Jesus.

Rich Schmidt

Zossima, you nailed it with your last post. Of course, we can't just go do anything in our enjoyment of life. There's such a thing as boundaries & sin. But where exactly we draw those lines, especially in light of Scripture's silence on things like hookah-smoking, says a lot about how we interpret Scripture.

Me, I don't drink, smoke, or cuss. But I know good Christians who do.


fundies adhere to scripture as truth? LOL

And you "enlightened ones" don't? LOL.....well then..your foundation is as sinking sand and can morph into whatever the johnny -come-lately culture is telling you to think. Is the Bible not truth to you people?

Products of public education I'm sure...what is left of your faith has been blended into a reality show of kick the true believer off the boat while the rest of us decide if truth is relative.

It's not. It's absolute.

Chris P.

I don't care about hookas.

Where did Jesus say have a "good time"?

What does that mean?

Does Jesus contradict the rest of Scripture?

Christianity is not license, anymore than it is do's and don'ts.
Your problem is, as I said in my first comment,that you know neither the Scriptures nor the power of God, i.e. foundation.
Read the Word. It is inerrant, infallible and is sole authority over the church. It is authored by the Father. It's content is the Son,and it is revealed by the Holy Spirit. My beef is not hookas. It is what the hookas represent; the rampant pragmatism that passes itself off as the church.


Preach it Chris! I thank God everyday I was born in a culture that told me our innerrant scriptures were the right ones. God help me had I been born in Mecca.

These liberal pragmatist hookah smoking Nazarenes make me sick, and not from a bad batch of weed. I'm talking existential angst. If people in our own culture question the fact that they were born in the culture with access to the right innerrant scriptures, just think what those hedonistic practitioners of 'primitive' religions will think.



If you're at Claremont, you know you're doomed to hell...right?


Yup, me and all the other Welsh Wittgensteinians. But then, careful attention to the grammar of "hell" will show that it can't be a place. So you might be right that I'm "doomed" to it but I'm certainly not "going" there.


Michael, by being where you are, one could argue you have fled from this hell-like "belt" of insecurity and fear. Oh, its a place my friend, and that place is here!

Matt (aka Kabul Kid)

I have NEVER seen such a reaction to a hookah. Where I live they are called qailoon. Oh yeah, and I have one in my office, at work. Which I smoke with my employees at least once a week... and WHAT?!! It's a way to build relationships and trust?! rather than looking down my nose at the "sinner" locals? Wow, never knew leaving America could be such a GOOD THING!! I may be about to be blown up, robbed, or shot, but at least the animosity is blatant instead of covered in a veneer of "loving, truth telling" that sounds more like a cat getting vivisected!! I guess they've still got the air of self-righteousness to make me feel at home though. Thanks Taliban for that!

Spencer Pitman

So which is the greater evil, pragmatism or dogmatism?


Hee hee hee ... a big Nelson Muntz "HA-HA!" to you on this one, Greg.

I've been too busy the last few weeks to keep track of much of the Christian blogosphere, so I missed this event when it was actual news. I always knew that you and Ingrid were a match made in Heaven.

Slice (or as some of my friends call it, Slander of Laodicea) actually shut down for a while a few months ago, but I see that they are up and running again. I guess the only way to deal with a hate build-up on that scale is to vomit it out over the Web on a regular basis.


why claim to ba a nazarene then follow it upwith I'm not a good one....

Just say....I'm not a good person...a wretch..a sinner...we all are



I'll have to disagree. I'm not a good nazarene because I drink, and they don't like it, and I smoke, and they don't like it, and I swear, and they don't like it. But I've found a community of nazarenes that are largely okay with me. That's what I meant. Irony. Get it?


Why do you hang around with Nazarenes if you do not subscribe to the standards they uphold? It sounds like you are proud of your rebellion.



I hang out with nazarenes because there are a few who love me. Thanks for reading so closely the previous posts which addressed this issue. I believe most of what they believe with three very important exceptions (maybe more): 1. I drink; 2. I smoke the hookah; 3. entire sanctification!? Are you kidding me? Maybe I am proud of my rebellion. I'd rather be proud of that than proud of my conformity.

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