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November 13, 2006



That's funny. I once got lost in a blue porta-potty at the Talkeetna Bluegrass festival. I won't say what I was on, but
it sure wasn't Lunesta.


That's really funny. But what's even funnier is that M. Corley forgets that his dad reads this blog as well :-D


Umm...Oh yeah, right. Now that
I think about it, I'm pretty sure that I just ate too many Tylenols. Right.

Jared Cramer

I think that your new rule should be all Lunesta stories will be recorded on video and promptly uploaded to Google Video, YouTube or some other video hosting site.


I knew there was something crazy about that butterfly on the commercials...


"Prior to last night the wonderful cobalt pill has caused me to get "lost" in my bathroom--a perfectly rectangular room with only one door--as well as empty dresser drawers ..."

the way you wrote that sentence it sounds like you have gotten lost in your bathroom and in empty dresser drawers. i know this isn't what you meant to say but based on personal observation of the night in question, i wouldn't rule it out in the future. :)


Well, at least you're a happy lunesta-drunk.



empty, as you know, is a verb in this sentence. Perhaps I can find better syntax, but I was on Lunesta when I blogged.


It is my duty, as an ass who has several- but only several- credit hours of pharmacology in his past, to make sure you're giving yourself at least eight hours between bed (post-pill bed, that is) and operating a motor vehicle.

Although, who knows. You're exactly the type to end up with "hysterical" stories after driving asleep for a couple of hours.


I was going shopping tonight, but you have inspired me. I now plan to pop a Xanax, drink some wine and maybe enter my clothes hamper in a battle bot war.


Does anyone worship Jesus on this blog?

I've tried "lunesta" and found Jesus to be a better means of escape.


Well, I know this is going to be really radical for a mild suggestion, but it appears that I'm graced with superhuman powers--among which numbers something called "common sense." So let me fly in to save the day with the use of my superpowers here:

Have you...perchance...considered...NOT drinking while you're taking Lunesta? *gasp*

Yeah, I know, revolutionary. But you'll find yourself with fewer humiliating experiences and, consequently, fewer accusations that you give a miserably poor witness for the saving power of Christ.

(Not sayin' I'm so accusing you, so don't get distracted. But you know jolly well that you're not preaching the Gospel while you're snockered, either with words or ways.)


The Bible says not to be intoxicated, drunk. "Lunesta" always seemed to make me feel drunk or intoxicated, not in the same way as alcohol, but intoxicated, just the same. I guess some really low grade "lunesta" done in small amount would not have any effect, but then why bother? Isn't that stuff pretty expensive now a days? I used to pay about $30 an ounce for it.
That $30 could have gone to feed someone down on their luck. Shame on me.


Some folks just don't have a sense of humor.


Really, Joe? I guess the reference to my having superpowers was a little too subtle.

Next time I'll throw in some fart jokes or something. More your speed?



Wow. Wasn't refering to you but yea if you wouldn't mind the fart jokes, especially on the computer that would be great! Thanks for thinking of my low IQ...you're so sweet.

Jane E. Smith

In Christ we have freedom, but not licentiousness. Perhaps you consider these blogs and behaviours all in good fun, but I strongly suggest that you read the New Testament if you are going to claim to represent Jesus Christ to the world. Christians are called to be "in the world, not of the world," and your self-described drunken, abandoned, amoral, animal, carnal, corrupt, debauched, depraved, desirous, disorderly, dissolute, fleshly, impure, reprobate, salacious, satyric, scabrous, sensual, unconstrained, uncontrolled, uncurbed, unmoral, unprincipled, unruly, wanton behaviors are not representative of our Lord.



Thanks for all the adjectives for the search engines. Might I remind you that Jesus turned water into wine AFTER the rest of the wine had been consumed? Wine, not grape juice. And I strongly suspect you have no idea what "in not of" actually means. It has nothing to do with drinking or smoking or movies or parties. Sorry. You sound like a nice fundamentalist though, so welcome. I mean, you do seem concerned about my eternal destiny.


someone pass the index cards...that's one hell of a GRE vocab list. i gotta write that stuff down!



What do you think "in the world, but not of it" means?

Jane E. Smith

So what do you think ïn not of" means, Pastor Greg? That was a great list of adjectives, wasn't it. I had fun with that.

But again, if it has
"nothing to do with drinking or smoking or movies or parties", then what does it mean? Shouldn't our behaviors reflect a different set of standards than a non-believers simply because our God is not the author of "confusion, but of peace?"


Pastor Greg? You've wandered onto the wrong blog, apparently. No pastor here.

You'll notice the email address is ex pastor, not current pastor. Also, next time you decide to preach at a non-fundy, leave the thesaurus on the shelf. Many of the words you use have the same meaning.


The Eagles Band describe your bondage well:

"Drag it around like a ball and chain,
Wallow in the guilt, wallow in the pain,
Wave it like a flag,
Wear it like a crown,
Got your mind in the gutter,
Bringing everybody down.
Bitch about the present,
Blame it on the past,
I'd like to find your inner child,
And kick its little ass.

Get over it!"


Gee, greg, pretty soon the "god hates fags" crowd is going to descend. Or maybe they already have. Not sure what lunesta and Don Henley have in common, but sweet Jesus is testifying through his ever-loving helpers that you are fucked up, dude.



like i needed someone to tell me that. there has been a larger than normal rash of fundies around here lately. maybe the holy spirit is sending her workers to save me before the rapture...

Dallas Tim

Wow, this is making our argument over inerrancy look like Coke vs. Pepsi.


Coke is way better than Pepsi.

Dallas Tim

Then Coke would be equal to inerrancy.


Odd. I've always found Pepsi better. But then, I was born in a family that found Pepsi better, and they taught that to me. Oh my... I just realized what deep ramifications this has for me... if they were wrong about the innerancy of Pepsi...

Also, while the adjectives were fun, it would have been better to un-alphabetize them. Make it more believable and all.

Jane Smith

Excuse me, ex-pastor Greg. I am not a "fundie," but a Christian following the reformed faith. What made you ex, anyway? Your behavior?

And Fresca is way way better than either Coke or Pepsi.


why do people have to ruin decent fun/conversations? is that what jesus would do?


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Adrianne Johns

I at the Suwanee River Music Festival. I'm pretty sure I was on what you were on (too many Tylenols, Dad...) because I, too, got lost in a porta potty.

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