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November 01, 2006



That's really, really sad. One good thing about my church, which also bills itself as a "come as you are" place, is that they seem to actually mean it. I've even seen a transgendered person on a few occasions, which I suspect might send quite a few SBC churches into catatonia.


Is this a true tale?


Something similar happened to a friend of mine in reverse the Xians came to them.

I posted something about it on my blog. Have a look if you will.


Speechless. I hope you send a note to the pastor of that church. Maybe he has more sense than his costume judges.


Even if the story is not specifically true, stupid things like this happen all the time. I mean even if the child could not be considered an “animal on the ark” and came instead as Dracula he should be allowed to participate in any activity offered. The point of the event was an outreach, to bless the community, but like many churches they make it all about themselves and make it all about being one of the insiders by demanding that kids come as bible characters to be included. This is fine if you want to do it inside your community, but don’t try and fool anyone by calling it outreach.

On a side not I wonder if a kid could have come dressed in red with horns and a pitchfork and enter the contest as the biblical character in the bible known as the devil?


Account Deleted

A gun owner in my church recommends a novice "never" purchase a Glock. No safety. Too powerful. Most who shoot themselves with a pistol generally do so with a Glock. It seems to me those who attempt to really do a "come as you are" and follow this pattern, have all bought Glock's. They think they are on the right road and instead shoot before the gun is upholstered. Now, i realize on a pacifists website gun analogies may be odd, but who could have resisted connecting with, "shoot themselves in the foot."

and alas, it is my tribe of which you write. God help us.


It is a true tale. And a sad one.

Account Deleted

should be "unholstered"

Jared Cramer

sad story that i have seen repeated far too many times.


Yet another not-so-ho-hum example of a traditional church letting an outsider know that they "aren't one of us."

And all churches do it, whether it's by not including a 1-year-old in a costume contest, or only allowing married caucasian male white-collars to serve on a church board, or using up a half hour of service time for announcements that apply to 10% of your congregation.



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Banging my head against the keyboard.

Tim Sean

Our church pretty much is okay with Halloween, though this year creeping party-poopism found its way into our publicty, telling folks "no scary costumes, please." Does that include our church secretary dressing up as a clown?


In just about all walks of life you run into henotheists whose one true deity is Procedure. I'm hardly one who should offer suggestions on orthopraxy, but it seems like these situations would be easier to point out if church-people expanded "worship" beyond "sitting in a building singing [familiar] church songs" to incorporate older and broader notions of worship as the ends toward which people direct everyday activities. Excluding people from a communal event in order to comply with rules that will die within 48 hours of their inception serves nothing of worth. So it goes with most regulations, though sometimes it's less obvious when people are acting like the stakes are higher.

Seems like every group has its own ways of falling into this trap, and digging out again. In my circles it's usually enough to tell someone "Stop being so religious!" for them to get the message that they need to stop caring about Rules more than people's needs and concerns. Not the best or most precise formulation, to be sure. Neither is this idea of worship I mentioned earlier; it's a means to an end, and I don't like those in general, but when most people are too busy to spend months thinking about language, what else is there to do?


Wow... That brings back some fun memories of my former life...


this whole situation made me relize that i as a mother need to make more effort as a to check out the churches i take my son to. i will never take my son back to that church agaion. mabye one day i can find a place where all is welcome just as you are past , prestent, and future.

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