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June 11, 2007


Adam Smithee


I've a few thoughts on this whole issue:

1. I'm not a fan of Angelina Jolie and her lips and her self-righteous, adopt a kid from every continent program she has going on right now. I just don't find her attracitve. I also think she is slightly more talented than Britney Spears. That being said I'm sure I will catch a lot of crap for that. However Elisabeth Shue turns me into putty anytime I see her. The whole pool scene from Leaving Las Vegas put some fantasies in my mind that have never been able to get out....

2. I believe the t.v. show, "Family Guy" summed up the situation with Stephen King the best. It was in one of the dream sequences when Stephen is presenting his next book idea and the editor just looks at him and says, "You're not even trying anymore are you?" It was really funny and even though I have never really read any of his stuff I knew what they were talking about. You could probably use the same argument for Stephen King as you could for Paul McCartney. The old stuff is brilliant but the new stuff well...?

So if you want to give me crap about Angelina Jolie well that's fine, but I stand by my convictions.

Whisky Prajer

Before he put Junod and Klosterman on the Esquire payroll, I was absolutely certain that David Granger's lasting legacy with that magazine would be how badly he's fucked up its literary heritage. Esquire's "summer reading" issue was the sun-and-sand equivalent of Christmas -- I couldn't wait. Then Granger discarded with fiction altogether, claiming "the quality isn't there." Now he's bringing it back courtesy of Stephen King? I guess we know what sort of "quality" Granger was looking for.


I think The Green Mile was pretty well written, and it was a very good story. I also kind of liked Hearts in Atlantis, although I probably should not of, and my favorite of all his books has always been The Eyes of the Dragon. I think he is a better writer when he steps out of the horror genre. Does anyone no how to italicize when Firefox?


You should be able to use HTML tags with any browser. < i> Italics </i> will come out Italics.

Joan Young

I was, and desire to be again, a rabid Stephen King reader/fan. I can link his better works -- to significant times in my life. I got desperately ill sneaking "The Stand" inside my college math textbook; reaped vicarious revenge on the desperate cheerleaders while reading "Carrie," and learned the folly of coveting in "Needful Things." So, I eagerly anticipated this issue, featuring SK's "novella." What an incredible disappointment. Like watching some stupid teen slasher film with a contrived back story in a theater filled with people screeching instructions to the dim-witted damsel in distress: "Run away from the house!" This is not a way to revive magazine fiction. But I'll always give King a chance. This was just a pathetic effort, like he phoned it in.


I was an avid reader of Esquire in the 90's but have no use for it now. Every once in a while I'll check it out at the magazine stand to see if it's got its act together. Replacing long fiction and non-fiction with girls in bathing suits and fifty word music reviews was a mistake. It seems their target audience is guys who need a magazine they can read entirely in the time it takes to have a dump.


Not sure why I wasted time reading this review. It was more hacked than the story



i'm as glad to have your opinion as i was to read the story, and i value both equally.

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