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July 30, 2007


Captain Freedom

peace and prayers this week


i LOVE that movie. the play is amazing, as well. if you can't rent it, go to barnes and noble and buy the book. you'll still cry like a baby.

Catherine Imes

Hi Greg,

It's timely that I'm visiting your blog again (I read every once in a while)

Indeed, Margo was a very kind woman. Along with you, she was probably my fondest memory of that job; I tell people stories about sharing an office with her when we ran out of office space in the old building....and the thick cloud of smoke. Unfortunately,3 packs is very accurate.

My condolences to Carrie and Mike.



i'm sorry about all the funerals. but i do have to say i LOVE john donne and also the wit movie. i fell in love with donne in high school and then we rented wit b/c it was about the professor that teaches donne. i think justin and i cried and held each other for awhile after it. one of the most touching, beautiful movies ever.


we are thinking of you this week. love you guys.


I'm sorry about your all of the deaths. There have been several for us too. It's very wierd. I'm thinking about you guys.

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