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July 27, 2007



Actually, what I'd love to see is a sort of scripture wiki. By that I don't mean democratized commentary on scripture, but rather a whole new (democratized) scripture. I'm tired of the old scripture that I don't read anyway. I'd like to see which authors (or directors or musicians or visual artists) would be included in a christian (I guess) "scriptural canon" today. I've got my own personal spiritual canon anyway, but it would be fun to see what other people would add to it.

Someone less lazy than I should get on this right away.


Totally unrelated to the thread, but... My brother just had a baby so I'm an uncle for the first time ever. I've never felt so much instant love for a person as that... also, I'm going to New Orleans this week, so I'll hoist an alcoholic beverage in all of your non-puritancal names.

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