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August 06, 2007



Woo Hoo!!!

Jon's the man. Hats off to the 77.5%...very intelligent, forward thinking folks.

Plus - kudos to Jon for longevity, faithfulness, and striving to live out Biblical community in ONE place. He just got the title...but he's always been pastor.


I'm still amazed that this man has faithfully loved us, one body of people, for years and years. That to me is who a pastor is supposed to be. I pitty the 22.5% of people who can't see it and perhaps never will.

Adam Smithee


Just saw the NEW Joel Olsteen book is now available for Pre-Order on Amazon, "Becoming a better you". Looks like I just found your stocking stuffer for Christmas. Please try and contain your excitement.


Always thought you and Jon should have a radio show, love the podcasts… make sure this title change for Jon doesn’t slow the flow of ‘one podcast under ?’.

Question for the blog or podcast… I don’t know if you’ve answered this before but with your evolving stance do you believe humanity (or at least pockets of humanity) is able to redeem itself from 'evil' with the tools we already have (Jesus’ words/example, community heritage, etc.) and take on the personality and attributes of the kingdom of God through personal/community based ‘enlightenment’ or do we need outside help i.e. God through the Holy Spirit?

Do we have all the tools we need or is there a ‘magical ingredient’?

Also, have been trying to get through the ‘recommended reading’ for this blog (and for a better informed theological viewpoint). Am finding Yoder easier to read than I thought BUT the list get perpetually longer even as I read… does anyone have an idea where I can read some summaries (sorry purists currently I am just being a realist) of some the key reading that will help me catch up a little? Maybe you could do a podcast series that examines each book…



Cambridge produces some excellent Companion books on many of the major theologians.

And I will get around to answering that question on the podcast.


Thanks. Look forward to it.


i'm so excited. yeah, that 22.5% is definitely retarded.

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