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September 11, 2007


Joy Schroeder

Amazing...I read this...and I thought I wrote it myself...Seriously,it was like seeing what I am currently thinking and have been thinking for months and maybe'years', in front of my eyes in black and white...profanity and all...
I'd read your writings/memoires etc because I am already somewhat liberated to imagine that I am not the only Christian in the margins with these thoughts and ideas that are dangerous and scarey not only to me at times but to almost everyone I know.
BTW...I felt the same way the first time I read Brian McLaren...( Who has sold a few books!) I wonder if he felt the same way about writing what he was feeling and living too...since it seems to be so inflamatory to the ultra conservative and predictable?


Oh my gosh! She is one of my favorite authors. I absolutely love A Wrinkle in Time. How sad.

Joy Schroeder

Sorry my first post is unrelated to the Thread "A New Wrinkle". It was meant to be a response posted on the "Abundance of books..." thread..I appologize for the confusion!

Justin F

Walking on Water: Reflections on Faith and Art was one of the first books I read in college that pushed me outside of the bible college world. I remember lending it to a friend who thought I had lost my mind ... an experience that would be repeated numerous times! My wife, Amanda, finally talked me into reading Wrinkle in Time this past year. The idea of her dying in a nursing home makes me sad. I had imagined her walking across Dog Pond and just disappearing in the mist.

Amanda F.

So sad! I love her work. She seems like she was an amazing lady.


Sic transit decor mentis. [So passes the beauty of the mind.]

Resquiat in pacem.

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