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September 08, 2007


Big Mike McVey

I say quit your damn whining and write the book. If it's important enough to write, then you will find a publisher eventually. Having read your thesis, I know that your insight is invaluable to me as a pastor trying to restart a church.

I would buy several copies and distribute them to anyone and everyone that would take them.

And what about Brazos Press? Clapp seems to be more willing to try new things.


crazy things get published...


I say go for it too. I did find this funny though:

" I wrote an entire thesis on the Church rediscovering practices from primitive Christianity, Anabaptist communities, and Methodism, only to decide by the time it was finished that I no longer believed substantial portions of what I’d written."

I find it funny because it describes very well the epistimological issues that come up alot on your blog.

I really think you should do this, I would purchase and read your book, so long as you posted a thread where we could discuss it too :)

I'm thinking about writing a book called "Information Theology" which takes complicated technical concepts like object orientated programming and explains them in the context of Reformed Doctrine. Would you read it?


A book would be nifty, and for what it's worth, the older philosophy professors in the logic department where I did my graduate degree talked about the stuff they wrote before they were 45 as though it was nothing but phantasms and illusions held by reckless, foolhardy youths. Apparently for professional thinkers and writers, the really stable stuff doesn't come around until later in life.

This is just as well; I'd hate to see myself fifty years down the road trying to justify to my grandkids why Tarja Turunen is an actual, literal goddess in the metaphysical sense.


I think that such a book would be interesting and enjoyable, but I don't know if the letter format would be the best for getting published. Maybe if you could break the letter up and use each section to start each new chapter. Alternatively, you might consider a C.S. Lewis type approach and go for a "Screwtape Letters" type of theme. That would be funny at least, and if you played the reverse psychology angle properly, it would likely be entirely palpatable by the church! It might even be the next big thing and you could put out a study guide for small groups, too. I do think you need to write a book though, and I'm sure whatever format you choose would be very readable.


I would be interested in reading such a book, but only if you figure out (at least somewhat) what your purpose in writing it is. Nothing's worse than a long rambly letter where even the author doesn't know why they're talking.

But if you do end up with some sense of direction for a book, I'd definitely read it. Maybe I'd even make my church young adults group do a book study on it. I imagine it would be a good discussion-starter!

Plano Michael

"alternatively, you might consider a C.S. Lewis type approach and go for a "Screwtape Letters" type of theme."


Write the 'Screwchurch Letters' you are uncle Screwchurch and you write to you nephew, wormswallower

you have permission to be as critical as you want when you take on the role of the devil


Greg, skip the religion. Let's write a book on beer together.


Yeah. You should write it and then deal with getting it published.

Whisky Prajer

I'm wondering if you mightn't try a fictional narrative along the lines of Robert Pirsig, Ken Wilbur or (closer to home) Brian McLaren?

Pro-publication has its benefits and pitfalls, and I'll assume you're aware of most of them. Having experienced both sides of the equation, I don't hesitate to recommend self-publishing (Lulu, etc). Certainly you've got enough blog-readers to make it worth your while. You could even shake virtual hands with badchristian and a few other links on your sidebar and come up with your own publishing house. The revolution starts now, baby!

Joy Schroeder

Okay...first...I appologize...it's late...I'm 40 and I posted this a few minutes ago on the wrong thread by accident...Sorry!

Amazing...I read this...and I thought I wrote it myself...Seriously,it was like seeing what I am currently thinking and have been thinking for months and maybe'years', in front of my eyes in black and white...profanity and all...
I'd read your writings/memoires etc because I am already somewhat liberated to imagine that I am not the only Christian in the margins with these thoughts and ideas that are dangerous and scarey not only to me at times but to almost everyone I know.
BTW...I felt the same way the first time I read Brian McLaren...( Who has sold a few books!) I wonder if he felt the same way about writing what he was feeling and living too...since it seems to be so inflamatory to the ultra conservative and predictable?

Posted by: Joy Schroeder | September 12, 2007 at 12:51 AM

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