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October 10, 2007



It is probably relevant that Left Behind Games, Inc.'s stock has plummeted from $7.44 a share in 4Q '06 to less than 50 cents in January '07; shares were going for 12 cents yesterday, and 11 cents today.


I haven't gotten my link yet. I'm coveting so hard it hurts.

I went with 8.85 pounds (around $18), since I figure I'll also download the bonus disc whenever that leaks in December.


I downloaded late Tuesday night... the benefits of being on the west coast and still being awake when it was released in the UK in the morning.

I also gave 5 pounds, which is the most (err, anything at all) I've given for an album in a long time. I mean, when its free - can you really just download it without paying? Plus, as you mentioned, its RADIOHEAD. I almost bought the box set, but am hoping someone will buy it for me for Xmas.

I use a website called "LibraryThing" which went to a "name your price" system about a year ago. Since then, they have averaged slightly OVER their former membership price of $25/lifetime.

Dorsey Marshall

I was neck-deep in the worship-machine genre when Radiohead's star was on the rise, so I sadly admit that I've not been exposed to much of their music. Nevertheless, I spent 5 pounds (and one pence, so there) to support the idea, if nothing else. Halfway through the first track, I was hooked. Thanks for the inspiration,


Funny, when I read the NYT Halo/youth groups article, I thought, "I wonder what greg would say about this..."

Looking forward to finding out.


Btw, can you pay for the new Radiohead record in Left Behind Games, Inc. stock?

If not, in Shrute-bucks?

Dorsey Marshall

Jason, having listened to the whole album, I can assure you that if you'll sow your best seed-faith gift to Radiohead, you'll get a hundred-fold return in listening pleasure.


That's quite an endorsement! Still, I'm kind of on the fence; I've got all of Radiohead's records, but except for parts of The Bends and Kid A, I rarely find myself going back to them.

I realize I'm in a minority here, and that it says more about me and my (lack of) taste than the band.


Here's the website for you:
http://www.swordofthelord.com. I think I'll still have to steal a copy of it for you though, I'm not sure the website gives you the whole picture.


omg, do you know how tempted I am to sign up every one of my old bosses for their "new convert" mailing list?

aaron c

So I just downloaded it and contributed 4 lbs, for a few reasons: most albums, in my biased opinion are probably worth less, especially for a download, but all the $ go directly to Radiohead so they get entire profit (which they deserve). A Radiohead album is probably worth a little more to me but the download is only for 160kbs instead of CD quality unfortunately. I really like the album so far though on first listen. As a side note, I understand Apple's marketing strategy for iTunes but it will take a spectacular event (limited release f/ Sufjan Stevens) for me to buy any music from them again.

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