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November 13, 2007



Context -- Here is the OK County Page for Marty's house:


The house was purchased for 675, and according to OK County Assessor has appreciated in value by $300,000 since 2000. And, it comes in under 5,000 square feet.

Make of that what you will

And, for Life Church pastor, if I did the search right, this is his house:



Those links didn't come out right.

Just search on Martin Grubbs

And here is the parcel number for what I think is Craig's house, use it for searching:



Link 1 and Link 2 fixed.

Tim Sean

I wanted to see this but was out of town. I work as an associate minister and the church that employs me has our salaries posted clearly. I like the transparency. As much as I hate it some days, we are supposed to model, to a great degree, what following Jesus means.

I've noticed even, as one who works with teens, that most parents do not share with their kids how much they make, what they spend, what their mortgage is, etc. How are they supposed to learn how to handle money thoughtfully?

Intentional Christian communities like the Iona folks in Scotland require that you give a full account of your money in order to provide accountability--that would be for all members, not just leaders. They don't force people to spend their money in certain ways, they just encourage people to talk through what they are spending it on.


i really miss these conversations, you always bring a new way of seeing and thinking about issues that most people choose to ignore.
I have found great inspiration in your use of words like "pogrum" "$2 whores" and "sheeple" You really pull off being an ass well, keep it up

Dallas Tim

What's a "Padraic?"



That would be his name.


It's the (um, ack) Scottish or Irish form of Patrick, I can't remember which, and mixing the two is a serious faux pas. Sorry.


Whatever you do, just don't call him "Padwick". ;)

Dallas Tim


I knew it was a name or tricky moniker. I just wanted to poke a little fun at him for calling you an ass.



Thanks, but Padraic is a good friend. He lived here before moving to KC for seminary. His hot, nurse wife is one of the hot, hairdresser wife's favorite people in the world.


Liked the last two lines.


Craig's house doesn't seem *that* out of line, if that's it.

5600 sqft, 13.2 acres, $440k

Bigger than most, I suppose. I'm not really sure what to expect out of people.

I had a prof/pastor in school who, despite already living pretty modestly, moved his family into a smaller/cheaper house so he could focus more financial attention on ministry. That's a guy with a handle on things.

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