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June 25, 2008



you should check out The Week, it compiles the best of national and international news and it comes, wait for it...weekly! It has business, religion, food, art, editorials, and much more.


Amanda Fortney

Seventeen is always a winner. And Tiger Beat. Oh wait, you're not a boy-band-loving teenage girl.


I second The Week.

Also, the British Third Way is good, I think. I dont read it enough.


If you're getting rid of books on Christian spirituality and church - would you mind sending them my way?



Greg will send you everything EXCEPT his Joel Olsteen books. He just can't seem to part with those.


And I wouldn't expect him to...certainly they are the key to his prosperity...thank you, Jesus!

Alice Clay

Have you checked out tricycle? It has some pretty interesting stuff in it. It offers a buddhist take on just about everything.



I've seen it but not read it. I'll pick one up today. Thanks.

Whisky Prajer

You'd think a journal that covers the religious bases would be natural to the world of print, but alas. After reading this post I wondered about it. At the moment I have a seminary friend who's driven south to engage in one of those inter-faith exercises which occur with regularity and receive little to no public attention. The participants usually express respect for the "traditions" of the Others present. Reservations about the Other are expressed with quiet caution, and so it should be. The fact is, if you're looking closely at someone else's religion, sooner or later you're going to square up against something that's just plain batshit crazy ... erm, profoundly counter-intuitive. And they are encountering the same in you. The printed word, alas, has a black-on-white clarity that is difficult to infuse with tonal nuance. So I suspect that any attempt, no matter how humbly intentioned, to survey the world's religions is an invitation to personal disaster, if not Holy War.

Elsewhere on the magazine rack, however, is another matter. Right now I'm digging Bomb and Stop Smiling -- very cool, both of 'em.

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