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June 17, 2008



That sounds marvelous

micah McCarty

Hey, do you have a transcript or some notes or something? I am doing a "secular" wedding this fall and don't know where to start without going into all the God stuff. Any help is appreciated.

kristen c

Hey Greg,
Long time no comment, but I'm still a regular reader. Interesting that you pulled off a secular wedding recently...and that it still felt genuine and love-filled. Aaron and I are continually reevaluating our marriage without the backdrop of church and Christianity. That's really what brought us together, so now we're faced with the exciting challenge of staying devoted without the messy God-glue.


So, I greatly enjoyed the wedding as well. And no, I'm not avoiding your phone calls. I am just the world's worst at returning phone calls. Something about having to be on the phone with people who's lives are all fucked up and need legal advice all day keeps me off the phone in the off-hours. Nonetheless, you did a great job and it was good to finally get to meet the man behind the blog...

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thanks for sharing this kind wedding

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