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June 06, 2008


Simon Jones

justincaseitstrue.com - Fantastic. Quick do it now! :-)

Jay Kelly

FYI . . . He believed me.



I've not posted his reply because I think it's wrong to do so without his consent and because he didn't send it to me.

Jay Kelly

I think you're right about that. But oooooohhhhh is it glorious! Suffice it to say, he believed me. Horton's words were, as I recall, 'Dear God, he took you seriously.'


My boss has pointed out that American and European churchgoers can often be both breathtakingly honest and staggeringly naive, which are arguably the same sort of thing. Just when you think they're out to defraud you, something that has feathers, waddles, quacks, and eats fish and the odd bits of bread you throw it from the surface of the pond will turn out to be a steam locomotive.

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