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June 05, 2008




aaron c

Here's my Word document to store:

Dear God-haters,
Left for Heaven.
Back to rule the world in 7 years.
Suck it.
Before you check with the lawyers, just know that I willed all my worldly inheritance to be forwarded to my address in Heaven so unfortunately your neediness is going to have to wait.
Also, since I'm uncertain as to rapture for my dog Pooky, can you please adopt him and change his doggy diaper?


Ultimate prank waiting to happen...three of the five workers pretend to be sick on April Fools day and two days before...massive email goes out and the folks who actually paid the service think they were left behind.

That was a sick website. $40 bucks a month, come on, shouldn't it be cheaper?

Amanda Fortney

wow. i want to meet the people that made this website. i wonder if they actually have any subscribers. if it didn't cost money, i would be tempted to subscribe just to see what it's like.


I'm imagining the conversations that went into the creation and execution of this. I guarantee you that there is a pastor involved looking to supplement his income.

So, Jesus has returned and all hell is breaking loose if 3 out of 5 of these goobers don't log in. Why not 5 out of 5? Are they a little uncertain?

I'm thinking about a post-trib or even post-mil variation on this: We'll store your shit for 1000 years.

Finally, $40 for 150MB of storage for one year? Sheesh, people. You can get gigabytes for free online and just leave the letter and directions in your will.


You can get gigabytes for free online and just leave the letter and directions in your will.

And you know passing the bar exam is the second best guarantee of being Left Behind (after voting for Obama), so all the world's wills & trusts attorneys will be around to distribute the information to the dearly undeparted.

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