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July 15, 2008



greg -

This is one of the best posts I've ever read about the problems facing the church in our current context. I really have nothing to add, except that you should send this as a letter to the CT editor.


Postmodernity is impossible to define.

Word. It's even more impossible to compress into a coherent social movement to demonize, which doesn't stop people from trying. I won't even talk about it anymore unless there's an agreement to limit the discussion to a specific author or social context.


"Modernism has already triumphed over the evangelical and fundamentalist churches. Their obsession with proofs and methodology as well as their insistence on the objective truth of their grand narrative demonstrates the ascendancy of modernity within those churches."

A brilliant and concise explanation, Greg. This is the biggest obstacle for the Western church, particularly the contemporary Protestant fundamentalist/evangelical movement in the US.

For 500 years, as the post-reformation Western church continually perfected its systematic theology, Westerners continued to treat the rest of the world (and themselves) like dirt.

And we continue to present theology as the crowning achievement of the Western church, when our Biblical calling is simply to practice justice and love. We have truly lost our way.

Kevin Powell

Excellent post, as usual. I stopped reading CT a few years ago because of the blatant Republican bias (interviewing Bush but not Kerry in 2004, the fluff piece on Condi Rice being two glaring examples) and the lack of rigorous thinking, such as the article you critique.

Many evangelical "scholars" are not necessarily interested in engaging issues of "truth' as much as defending their privilege and power. If the bible is God's Absolute Truth and they are guardians of that Truth, then presidents and prime ministers (I'm Canadian" should answer their call on the first ring, congress should hang on their every word,people should flock to their churches.

If Truth is more fluid or, as Emil Brunner might say, incarnational or personal, then these old white men lose their power. Women. Minorities. Non-Christians (gasp) suddenly get more attention.

Then these old white men get bitchy and write poorly argued articles like this one in CT.



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