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November 27, 2008


Plano Michael

I heard from an industry insider, recently, that Compassion and other sponsorship-model programs are losing their grant funding because of funding organizations becoming more culturally responsible. Though the model that allows you to choose an individual child proves to garner additional donors who want to have an individual impact and see it individually happen...it has caused some trouble among a village for an aid organization to lift a handful of individual kids out of poverty and ignore the village as a living organism.

A lot of these grant giving organizations have already announced their intentions to revise the model. It sounds like some of these NGO's that depend on those grants are scrambling to find different mdels, but from what you say here, Compassion is scrambling to find a different source of funds.

I like the way that microfinance works in the third world to donate to accountability circles. Most of the loans available on Kiva are, in fact, given to a group of people organized by an existing MFI. It appears it is a single loan recipient, but you are actually giving to a group. The model works systemically for the thrid world, but the the marketing is still appealing to the individualistic psyche of the western donor.

Greg Horton


CI also does microfinance with the money received. It's one of the reasons I picked them.

Amanda Fortney

have you heard of the heifer project? you can buy livestock, etc. to help those in poverty be self-sustainable, and they are also supposed to share the offspring of their gift animals with others in need. people in the program are also taught how to protect and rejuvenate their land, water and other natural resources. pretty cool.


Greg Horton

Yes. We've participated in a couple projects with heifer.

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