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November 19, 2008



In terms of history, it really shouldn't be at all surprising. The Southern Baptist denomination exists only because white southern slaveholders thought they should be allowed to serve as missionaries. It's a sad story that hasn't improved dramatically over the last century. The Southern Baptists have been on the wrong side of every single major social justice issue in their history. Religious people as a whole tend to go the other way, so I'm not sure what it is about this particular confederacy of churches.


i heard that the keynote speaker at one of the bgco events actually said what you just pointed out: wrong every time and about to get it wrong on Obama. I need to get a copy of the sermon because I'm still dumbfounded. The better conversations would have happened afterwards though, as pastors responded to the chastising.


I have also had several convos with clients after and up unto the point of the election that brought my jaw to the floor. Most of the time I am dumb founded, without an argument that I think will get close to changing their drilled in fear mongering. It is one of the most frustrating things I have ever gone through in my adult life.


I've taken it on the chin from several people in my own denom for not only my vote but my conviction that prejudice continues to role along and that it played a large role in the election (particularly in OK's red velvet pride). Immediately they all knee-jerked to assume that I'm saying a vote for McCain = racism, and none of them took the time to thoughtfully hear what I was saying. Most of them were too blinded by there own fear of something not labeled by "conservative values" and their myopic preoccupation with Roe v Wade.

In an anecdotal addition, I have a couple of prof friends that teach at a conservative university in Bethany that have lost friendships in and out of the school because of their vote for change. Really?


Wow, the linked article linked to this article:

Vernon, AL is a town I do a lot of business and some of these quotes are almost exactly what I've heard here.

I've heard over and over from people I formerly assumed to be reasonable speak of fear now that Obama was elected. One guy I deal with (the fact that he is gay makes it even more puzzling) stated that he was worried going to the mall the other day in Tupelo because he saw more blacks out than ever.

Geez....pathetic compared to the other side. I'll be on a gig in Memphis tomorrow where I will likely be the only white guy other than the drummer in the club. I have no worries, people there always treat me like....well, a person.


Heh. One of the more clever "bait and switch" pieces that I have read during the last few weeks. Oliver leads the reader to believe that he has made some original and interesting observations about the "bigot belt," only to conclude his piece by saying in effect, "yup, they're all just a bunch of racists."

I found this particularly interesting: "Even today, whites who live in poor, racially segregated neighborhoods within more diverse metropolitan areas tend to be more racially hostile than whites who live in either integrated neighborhoods or within largely white regions. In more diverse settings, locally segregated whites have less contact with nearby minorities yet also feel greater competition for jobs and public goods." Here in Oklahoma City, the interracial relationships that I witness (and they are almost always black man/white woman) seem to include a high proportion of whites from low-income families. And the last time I checked, there were still no blacks living in the trailer parks on the south side of town.

Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen a black couple with bi-racial adopted children. You don't think that blacks would shy away from bi-racial children for, you know, "racial" reasons, do you? Actually I'd like to hear a good explanation for this phenomenon. I doubt that the state refuses to let black couples adopt bi-racial children. Of course, I could be completely full of crap as well. It's happened before.

Hmmm ... maybe this whole "racism" thing is just a wee bit more complex than the liberal cocktail party crowd cares to admit.

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