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November 17, 2008


Jay Kelly

How could you not point to his web site?? www.delmin.com rocks the house. Any site with a rotating GIF cross on the home page gets my immediate respect and attention.

Of particular value is the bottom of the right hand column in the 'Discussion' section.

Granted, I'm completely unclear on what it means to 'seal the door closed with the Blood of Jesus,' but regardless, I'm pretty sure you need to be careful when you do that or you're in for one helluva dry cleaning bill.


i was completely unaware of his web site. i'm on my way there now.


It's actually .org.


and i want to say how disappointed i am that there are no fuckin' hoodies on the merch page.


A new resource for my clients!! I can't wait to tell everyone at work!


Greg, will you pray for me? I dated a girl who was half Cheyenne in high school, so I'm pretty sure I was exposed to the demon of Native Americanism.

Also I liked the Karate Kid...do I need deliverance from the Martial Arts spirit?


Can free me from multiples in one visit?


Maybe it is the daemon Bourbon, but this is one of the most unintentionally funny things I have seen on the internets.

Wow, just wow.

susan Horton

It sounds like an infomercial like- MAN FEEDS 5000 WITH BOX LUNCH -


So what if your arent cured in one session? What happens then? Break out the big guns?


Ring Ring...
"Umm hi yeah, I drive to fast."

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