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January 11, 2010



This has been my struggle for years. What difference does it make? I can't imagine that time on my knees or mumbling behind the wheel of the car makes any difference in how God (evil or otherwise) thinks, feels, or behaves with respect to any part of creation. Sure, there are anecdotal instances in my own life I could gather around me in defense of prayer's efficacy, but I'm no more convinced with them than without them.


I was frantically trying to find an ATM near downtown Dallas, a few weekends back. The details aren't important but let me just say that the mob wasn't involved in any way. Nevertheless, I was in a hurry. I threw out a "prayer" in which I basically said: "You see, God. This is why I don't pray to ask for things. Where's the god-damn ATM when you need one most! I mean, these things are in every corner back in the surburbs. blankety-blank, blank-blank!!" I probably smashed my fist into the steering wheel for emphasis.

Of course, what do I see within the next minute?...

I'll chalk that up to capitalism more than answered non-prayer.

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