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January 30, 2010


Jesus Reyes

Hmm. I like your story, but there is another way. I grew up in the nazarene church and every summer they have these indoctrination camps. During the altar call we would gather around our friend, draping our arm around him until the preachers swarmed and then we would duck out. Soon, they would dismiss everyone save those who had been swarmed and the only way out of such a load of preachers was to bow and be saved. When our victim finally showed up much later...Well, it was kind of funny.

You are right, it is all about gettin saved, or it was in those days. These days I suppose it is all about being republican, or at least by observing my little nieces and nephews that seems to be the case. I think one of them is gay. That's going to cause some shit.


I might add - you're a brilliant mother fucker. These are the reasons I love you.

Jessica Campbell

I would like to see you team up with a psychologist and expand on your not so covert subtext about the psychological reasons individuals come to Jesus-- to be differentiated from why they STAY w/ Jesus-- which could be another book.


The sinner's prayer...It's magic!

Did any of you ever "convert" someone on the spot? I'm talking about witnessing where you and maybe a friend (a pretty sister in Christ was helpful) would walk up to total strangers and tell them the gospel (as we understood it, which was the True Gospel, incidently). If you did it right they'd actually pray the Sinner's Pray on the spot! Then you'd hand them some tract to help them along with their "new life". Of course you'd never see them again but Praise the Lord! we'd meet again in heaven. Plus, I had just checked off another soul who if not converted has heard the Word anyway and so now had no excuse on Judgement Day. One more soul off my conscience.

By the way, your story so very much matches many of my own experiences as a Pentacostal Christian. I got a good laugh at your fear of the Rapture- a few times I thought I'd missed it too!

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