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January 09, 2010


Lance Schmitz



I'm Chris Hanson...


You've made me smile on a Monday morning.

Greg Horton

Phil, deal. J-Fo, and it's always free.

Dave Therio

This is the most awesome idea I could have read at 3:42 on a friday morning.


The Gospel of the Force.


if the Gospel is true, then if we don't share it, we are literally evil!!!! If you are a person of faith- you should be sharing everywhere you can if you believe it is the remedy. I have even heard atheists argue this point- if we are people of faith to not share is just absurd.


sc, those must not have been very bright atheists. Contrary to what American evangelicals seem to practice, sincere belief is not a get-out-of-accountability-free card. One ethical requirement of living in a pluralistic society is to figure out why other people think how they do in order to communicate with them; preaching to people in a way you have no reason to think they will listen to doesn't make you evil (forgive me if I don't splurge on exclamation points), but it does make you annoying and irrelevant. Another ethical requirement is to examine beliefs against others to figure out whether they have meaning apart from the language game in which they're expressed. But that's a tangent for another day.

dr dobson


(Cue the proof-texts in response), it has been a while since we've tap-danced on the troll bridge, but I have to point out the absurdity of your statement that not sharing the "Good News" of Jesus is "evil" (or to paraphrase your statement, "the work of evil people" is not sharing the Gospel).

Remember those brussel sprouts you hated as a child? Remember also your mom or dad demanding that you eat them before you were to be excused from the table? Ponder that scenario before writing anything else about the gospel and evil.

You make Jesus sound like a kick-ass Jesus who does nothing but wield wrath, anger and vengeance to those who don't do his will. That sounds like an angry, drunk Jesus instead of the one I read about in the Bible.

Luckily, you'll keep sharing the "good news" of your Jesus lest you be deemed evil by your Kickin'-Holy-Ass Jesus and I'll try to remain focused on the one who turns the other cheek, walks the extra mile and gives the undergarment in addition to the cloak.

Somewhere along the way, your Jesus will kill mine, but I suppose that's just the way you would hope it to be. Not that you're amply confused in life already, but try reading up on "mishpat" in your fancy Bible word-search engine.

Sorry to say it so bluntly, but drive-by a-holes like you make we want to puke. Since I'm evidently going to hell anyway (according to your Jesus), I might as well be honest with you (plus, it's Friday, so I'm feelin' a little loose and jiggy).

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