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August 17, 2010


dr dobson

Whew, it sure is great knowing that the CON has the really tough stuff figured out (gay marriage, equal rights, etc.). Sure is good that they spend their precious ministry time on heady stuff like whether or not emergent is heresy or what type of church music Jesus likes the best.

Sadly (for the CON, I suppose), a few other faith communities actually do "get" what matters most, and, for the most part, those of us interested in participating with others who "get it" have simply left the CON to waddle in its own self-produced juices, the result of which only produces identical-tasting fundamentalists. Enjoy the marinade, Kansas City.

Jesus Reyes

First Phoebe Palmer and now Tim Wirth, in the vicinity of Oberlin, no less, completing the bookends of the COTN, a fitting alpha and omega. As spectacularly and beautifully ignorant and oblivious as Tim Wirth is, minion of Eric Barger and very recently self described and self designated Word-Faith missionary and terrorist to the COTN, the only shocking thing is that Tim Wirth has not been awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity by Olivet Nazarene University and given a seat on that similarly honored and highly esteemed Board of Trustees. Especially considering the COTN having allowed the "pew" to surreptitiously award The Honorary Theological Chair In Absentia to Hal Lindsey almost exactly forty years ago. My God and Savior, how many tithers have redounded to the glory of the COTN as a result of the reading of Hal Lindsey's very small and little tome, how many stars in the crowns of pissdorf itinerant COTN evangelists? Hear ye, oh worshipers at the altars of Baal, the Lord, thy God, will not be mocked. And in that day they shall cry out for the Rapture but they shall live out their days in a hell of their own creation. Verily, I say unto you, the Kingdom of God shall be built on earth, on earth as it is in Heaven.

Phineas F. Bresee removed his ring on that train ride from Los Angeles to Pilot Point in 1908 and as a result one hundred years later southern Nazarene District Superintendents are considering whether to send their progeny to Liberty.

The very first General Superintendent, founder and namer of the COTN, JP Widney, early blazed the trail that millions, acting in good faith and conscience, could only follow. But even Widney couldn't have predicted the scope and the depth of the craven hypocrisy and pointlessness the BGS would attain.

Phoebe's big tent is gone, if it ever existed. Poor John Wesley, pitiful and maligned, the COTN is not just an insult, it's a crime.

Tim Wirth

Greg your in denial you potty mouthed punk.
And really 5 people CN's?
Only 5?
That would be 3 more than read your trash.
Wow we had better stop making the thousands of DVD's that are going world wide then.
Thanks for the heads up pal
And thank you for the funny post

Greg Horton

Not CNs, Tim. I think you had 8 concerned non-Nazarenes show up at general conference. You do realize (no, you don't) that quoting McArthur and Reformed theology makes you a non-Nazarene. See, Wesleyan theology is the antithesis of reformed theology. Ah, fuck it. You don't even understand how ironic it is that your blog is the "no goofy zone." Why the hell would you recognize how shitastically awful you are at theology? The five referred to your other website, not concerned non-Nazarenes. You can always scare up readers with free shit, especially when it's ignorant horseshit packaged as piety. You're way overdue for a moment of self swareness, Timmy. 

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