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August 17, 2010



Do all these religio-political pundits get their talking points from the same evil cabal of conservative handlers?

Pretty sure this is a conscious Republican strategy. They know they can't win on policy or positions, so they gussy up some symbolism to win them seats, because in this economy, media outlets are too beholden to their advertising interests (senseless conflict = ratings) to call bullshit on bullshit.


Thank you. My thoughts exactly. Only more smart. :)

Jesus Reyes

Not only should there be a Sufi Community Center in lower Manhattan, complete with hundreds of whirling dervishes chanting Rumi verse, but Larry Silverstein should pay for it. Here's a man who pays $124 million for a seriously screwed up piece of property and sells it the the insurance company six months later for $4.5 billion. 4,500:1. Which one is more outrageous? Triple Larry's return and give the rest to the families who watched their loved ones jump out of Larry's windows.


Ughh...brought up this point with someone yesterday and today she came back with "the landing gear from the suicide plane landed here so it is part of Ground Zero". I guess this is the new spin. Sigh.

Greg Horton

So wherever the exhaust from the plane and the ash/rubble from the explosion settled is also ground zero? Idiots. So tired of idiots. 

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Cammie Novara

"I was going to put a map up to show the distance, a solid two blocks from the northeast corner of ground zero, but every map I found had the caption: distance from proposed mosque to ground zero." I can really relate to that quote from my own experience. There's a really wild debate that I thought would be of interest on evolution vs. intelligent design going on at http://www.intelligentdesignfacts.com

Greg Horton

did i just get spammed by an id'er? flat earth society will be along soon, folks. just be patient.


Flat earthers are heretics deceived by Satan, since they think the earth is the only thing that is flat. The so-called "third dimension" is a liberal fascist atheist papist conspiracy to get people to focus on things other than the blessedly two-dimensional pages of the Bible.


The Daily Show had a great point too, that we still allow Catholic churches to build right next to playgrounds and no one seems to have a problem with that.


This is my new favorite blog. This piece was amazing. Can I call you Dick? HAHAHAHA!


Stephy! Love your humor blog.


Well said Greg... keep telling truth.

Greg Horton

Welcome, Stephy. I, like Monte, love the humor blog. Thanks for stopping by. And thanks, Mike.


Thanks...it's not really supposed to be a humor blog, but when Beliefnet picked it up and made that Reality-Bites banner they put the word humor in it and now people expect the funny. Sometimes they're disappointed, but thanks for saying you like it!


I'm having this same conversation on Facebook right now. My friend assured me he was all for their religious freedom to build the mosque (I didn't even attempt to redirect the notion that it is a community center instead of a mosque) just not at that site as it was insensitive. WTF So he's for religious freedom as long as the religion is his own. He then went on to tell me that it was anti-American, anti-Christian and as such he was compelled by God to oppose it. His worldview is so different from mine that it is too difficult to have a conversation with any outcome other than for him to feel so much better about himself for rightly proclaiming the truth to someone as deceived as me. I should also tell you he is the worst kind if fundamentalist 5 point Calvanist.


Damnit, I had missed this post too. Greg, don't you know you are supposed to post this on Facebook for me to see? :)

The stupidity on this issue has made me want to poke out my eyes. Had a student in class the other day say that it was a "mosque" at "ground zero." Of course, since honesty is not an issue, we can recognize that "cultural center close to the WTC site, but not as close as strip clubs and porn shops" is just not as good on a t-shirt.

Greg Horton

I did post it. Got a huge response. I walked one of my classes through the issue on Wednesday as a critical thinking exercise. It went much better than I expected

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