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August 24, 2010



Acidic and angry, but you hit on alot of truth here.

Being a fundangelical, attending an SBC church, had no idea there was a numbers campaign coming up. We actually are focused on healings, overcoming poverty, repairing damaged relationships, overcoming addictions, etc....even general carpentry :-)

It's not all like the PR's like to reflect. We just don't do PR's. This comment is probably as close as it gets for us.

However, I have had my fair share of fake and worthless conversations outside of a Christian context as well. ANd they are even more enjoyable.

Greg Horton

Charles, thanks? Um, you really do misunderstand what I do. There isn't a shred of anger in that post. I have no vested interest. As far as I'm concerned, the church can continue to decline to the point of non-existence. And yes, plenty of worthless conversations outside the church, but we're supposed to hold "truth seekers" and "truth possessors" to a higher standard.


Ok. I'll take your word on the vested interest thing.

Just thought you touched on alot of 'truth'. LOL. Plastic Jesus is a pretty sad epidemic. My comments were more to the fact that you usually only hear from them. Many others out doing the work of the Kingdom you never hear about...who usually abandon outcomes and perceptions, rather than manipulating them.

As for the church going out of existence, I think you'll have to deal with us. If we were going out of existence, we would have already done so, a long time ago. If it were only up to us, we'd have been sunk before we got started. Somebody wants us around to irritate those without a vested interest ;-)

Greg Horton

I suspect you will be around for a long time, and I'm hopeful for the sake of my friends who are still involved, that those small pockets of non-douchebaggery will become the rule. History is not on their side, however. And I talk about church, religion, linguistics, marketing, ect., because it's what I know. I'll even go so far as to say that some of the professional church folk who read do so because I get to say what some of them would dearly love to say if parishioners were more reflective and serious about their faith. That doesn't make me a prophet or an asshole. Just a guy with a lot of experience in religion, writing, theology, philosophy, and douchebaggery. I've been the manipulative dick on the inside, and I've been the ideological rebel on the inside, and I've been the eager young acolyte, believe it or not. These days, I prefer to observe, write, snark, and feel for my friends who are still caught up in an institution that has forgotten her identity. And, yes, profanity makes it sound like anger, I'm sure, but I use fuck like some people use ok.


LOL. OK. Remember that those of us you never hear, are still very much here...and there and changing the world...without political power plays.

I am the more vocal, so that doesn't include me. Maybe one day.


I am so disappointed that Outreach, Inc. didn't have a representative comment on your posts. It's not like they're unaware. I assume they use Google Alerts, so surely they read this . . .

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