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April 03, 2011


Michael Laprarie

I found it interesting that the latest Koran burning stunt by this church went by completely unreported by our domestic news media. You know these clowns must have sent out press releases, yet this time nobody came to the party. In fact, the first time most of us read about the event was (as you said) in conjunction with the reporting on the riots in Afghanistan.

Which begs the question, how DID those Afghans find out about the Koran burning? For them to have someone dedicated to a 24/7 watch of that kooky little congregation, in case anything useful for provoking a riot should turn up, would seem to indicate that they are just as crazy, if not crazier, than Rev. Jones.

As far as the "evangelical" label goes, well that's easy. If you're a non-mainline Protestant and you pitch your tent south of the Mason-Dixon line, you're an "evangelical."

(PS the Renfield reference was funny. But it has to be Dwight Frye.)

Greg Horton

Michael, I didn't see much either. After you posted, I searched google news and found two national stories from CBS and USA Today (who reads that piece of shit?) and two local stories from Florida network affiliates. On the whole, not a ton of coverage, but I suspect USA Today gets more attention than it deserves overseas.


USA Today claims 2.8 million international readers in more than 60 countries. It'd be interesting to follow the information flow. That's just about the only aspect of this story that doesn't make me feel tired. "Pardon me, have you all considered not having sacred objects?"


Actually I understand that President Karzai blew the whistle on the Qu'ran burning when he publically called on Congress to condemn the church's actions. I can't imagine what he was thinking when he made the news public in his own country. Actually, I can. What a great way to distract attention from him and back to the US.

Greg Horton

A good point, Jackie. And welcome. 

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Andy Zack

"Happy are the peacemakers, they will be called children of God" (Matthew 5:9)

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