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May 12, 2011



Just wrote a research paper on Christian Zionism for my religion and politics in America class at OU. I was quite blown away to learn that almost all of the end times hysteria that had been shared with me by friends or god awful Left Behind books had it's origins, as you mentioned, with John Nelson Darby. And Darby's dispensational premillenialist interpretation ran contradictory to hundreds of years of end times interpretation, yet it seems to have become the most prolific belief in America, at least among Evangelical Protestants. In my research, scholars on the subject estimate there are approximately 25 million Americans who seriously believe in the Darby view of the Biblical apocalypse. What's scary about that is that means there is a significant voting bloc that votes pretty much for anyone who they believe will usher in the end times prerequisites as soon as possible. They believe Israel belongs solely to the Jews and that God will bless the nations that support Israel,, so they actively oppose any kind of peace agreement and are rabidly supportive of preemptive war on nations (such as Iran) that pose any kind of threat to Israel. The suffering of Palestinian Muslims and Christians means very little when you believe you're a tool of God helping to bring Jesus back to earth. Add in neoconservatives like the whole Bush administration, the alliance of the far-right Pro-Israel lobby (who fundamentally disagree with the Christian Zionist belief that they will be slaughtered by the thousands by forces of the Antichrist and will either convert or burn in hell in the end - but hey, you get support from wherever you can) and the result is the Iraq War and hundreds of thousands dead, little or no help from America in any kind of peace agreement between Israel and Palestine, and the majority of the Arab world considering the U.S. to be its greatest threat. Not only does apocalyptic fundamentalism produce shitty books and movies that sell by the millions, it undermines global security and fosters significant support for endless war.


Short-time lurker here. Growing fan.

It only makes sense for Lucifer to use swords. Using his modern portrayals for a basis, he's clearly got style, panache, a sense of tradition. Bullets and bombs are less skilled weapons (exception: sniper rifle). A sword takes ability, a certain class of character and conveys either that sense of history or "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya", depending on your geek archetype.

Greg Horton

Welcome Victor, and thanks for one of the best posts ever. Princess Bride references always worth extra points.


Thanks for getting the rapture vs end of the world distinction right. Not that you wouldn't, but it seems to be sadly missing in most of the coverage of this cult. I kind of wish they were correct - it would mean I wouldn't have to do any more wireless network setups over the phone after this coming week.

Victor is right, btw, that a sword is not as clumsy or random as a blaster firearm.

matt mikalatos

Dude. You totally left out that the Beast and the Anti-Christ have genetically modified lion scorpion things that sting and paralyze you. Who needs guns when you have have lion scorpion things?

Greg Horton

I did forget the flying scorpion monster helicopter things that emerge from the pit. Damnit. My apologies.


I read but don’t comment much, but here goes. I think it’s the sheer self centered individualism of the rapture theology that gets to me. How the author’s of the lamentable Left Behind novels could dismiss the aftermath. But, hey “I’m saved, too bad about the poor schmucks aboard the plane I was piloting.” It seems to be a selfish and scary theology.


How come I can't get any attention at all by predicting the day the world WON'T end. I've already successfully done it, and can continue to do it for a long time!


It is my professional opinion as a network technician that our phone software was raptured today. Looks like Stephen Hawking is wrong - there is a heaven for broken computers. Guess it just sucks to be human...

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