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June 23, 2011


Jessica Campbell

incredible. this is one of the best reviews. not just of yours - it's competitive with the best of reviews. your honest enjoyment and impression of the book comes out in the most eloquent of ways - i can tell you were inspired and moved. this is one of your best reviews Greg. this is one of your best pieces of writing - you didn't just review her book - you expanded it - you extrapolated and conveyed the book and life in a way I think Stentilles and I certainly appreciate. I hope she reads this and loves this as much as I do right now.


Must you keep reviewing books that I then decide I have to read? I'm backlogged already.

matt mikalatos

You sold me. I just ordered it.

Greg Horton

If you people keep ordering this book, I'm going to have to sign up for amazon affiliate status so I can earn a Big Gulp.


Having an Amazon list from you would be cool, but a Big Gulp? I think Wilford Brimley wants to talk to you about diabeetus.

Greg Horton

Diet Coke does not cause diabetes.

Sarah Sentilles

I did read it! And I do love it! What a gift. I am moved by your poetic, brilliant, theological, masterful writing in this review--and I hope you are working on your own creative projects because the world needs your words.

And thank you, Jessica, for your response!


I just bought it, based on this review. Can't wait to read it! Thanks!

Mike Morrell

Sounds like a must-read, Greg. I'll check it out.

Nick Connell

Eager to read this book! Thanks Greg (and Mike, for the referral).

Bill Colburn

Geez Mike, I have to give you 5 stars on your review. And, I'm ready to give this book a 5 star rating also - even before I read it - simply because it elicited such a riveting review from you. I'm ordering it today.

Greg Horton

Bill, welcome. Mike referred you to my site. Glad you enjoyed the review.


I finally finished Red Market today, so I started this and am halfway through. (Sorry to keep putting off End of Evangelicalism; it's next on the list.) It's fantastic, but I'll wait to say more until I'm finished.

Couldn't help but notice in the author bio that she is in Portland, like Matt Mikalatos. What is it about Portland that draws all the cool people? (Full disclosure: I'm originally from Portland.)

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