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June 27, 2011


Mike McVey

I have been looking for a mentor for the past 13 years and still have not found one. The closest I came was a guy who's whole approach to mentoring was having me set the course and decide what to do. That didn't last very long. Another pastor who tried to 'mentor' me truly believed that mentoring was basically just telling me what to do once a week for an hour.

Even in non-church settings, how do you implement mentoring when the concept is completely foreign?

Enjoyed the entry.


Our separation from the elderly is such a societal evil. We've abandoned them on their little island, and the best we can do is check on them every once in a while to see if their "needs" are met. How condescending. We never suppose that they might have something valuable to offer those who are coming after them.


Found your blog because my fellow ex-Fundy shared this post on her FB page. Your writing sparked a lengthy and spirited discussion on f-bombs, the PTSD many have upon getting out, and the pendulum swings necessary to arrive at the real Jesus. Thank you for being such an incredible catalyst.

Greg Horton

Lorinda, thanks for stopping by. Always happy to be the gadfly. Do I know this friend of yours? You can email me if you prefer not to post it here.

matt mikalatos

Hey Greg... when I read posts like this I can't help but think, "Greg should be a pastor."

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