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June 22, 2011



Ok first of all I want you to know that Falls Creek is an amazing place I have been there many times and my life was changed forever because of that camp. Second don't make fun of Ada. Ada is the town I live in and most people speak in a proper manner. My mother is an english teacher. Third if one person was an idiot to you I apologize. There are many fake Christians in this world. There are real, authentic Christians in this world and I am one of them. We truly seek God. And also even though your a college professor you don't believe one of the most historically accurate books in the world. More accurate than the Iliad and Odyssey. If you are a history teacher you know these books are incredibly accurate. Ah, I digress. Now I want you to know that I am going to continually pray for you. There is a change and I want you to know there is a camp in Oklahoma other than Falls Creek. It's called Super Summer, look it up. Either way, I will pray for you.

Greg Horton

It's a little early to say if it was changed forever, Drew. You'll need to wait forever before you can make that statement. I was actually making fun of small town papers in general more than the town. Your mother will not be happy to see that she is an english teacher, rather than English teacher, but I digress. You actually can't apologize for other people, but I understand what with all the confusion related to substitutionary atonement why you might be confused on that. I suspect that real, authentic (there's a difference?) Christians might not trumpet their own authenticity. It's called humility, but I digress. As for your assertion that the Bible is one of the most historically accurate books in the world, it's clear that the indoctrination process was successful with you. I suspect you haven't read any books that offer a counterpoint to that assertion. Had you, you would have discovered that it's not nearly as accurate as you believe. I'll chalk up as a non sequitur the idea that it's more accurate than the Iliad and Odyssey, both of which are epics, not history. Perhaps you meant to take on Heraclitus rather than Homer? Praying continually for me will make it difficult to read up on the historical accuracy of the Bible, as well as eat, sleep and work, but do as you please. I'm familiar with Super Summer, as I have many, many friends who were incarcerated at OBU.


The claim that the Bible is more accurate than Iliad and Odyssey is straight out of Josh "Liar for Jesus" McDowell, though Evidence that Demands a Verdict doesn't (so far as I recall) actually claim those two works are meant to be history; the claim is instead about the manuscripts having changed less during the copying process than the manuscripts of Homer. That's technically true for most of the canonical New Testament, but either false or unverifiable if you include the Old. The notion of copying texts letter-for-letter instead of smoothing grammar to adjust to changes in use and adding bits in to meet communal needs didn't take root until very late in the copying process. Just try to compare the various texts of the Septuagint from around the 3rd-2nd century BCE; they're as wild and as fluid as the best (worst?) of Homer.

McDowell, of course, uses this overstated, partly false claim about the continuity of text as though it's equivalent to that text's historicity. Drew, a good rule of thumb is to treat Christian apologists like you would a used car salesman you don't personally know, or better yet, big city advertising executives who can't quite perceive you as something other than a collection of demographic information. Triple-check everything they say before believing any of it.

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