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June 14, 2011


David Phillips


My dear friend Todd Littleton pointed me to your blog and I, as a (on the edge) SBC'er really appreciate much of what you have said. This is pretty good stuff and I just wanted to tell you so...

Greg Horton

David, thanks for stopping by and for the kind words.


In the first figure citation, there's a missing 2 in front of 2500 (.15% of 16 million is 22,500 rather than 2500).

I didn't realize that Southern Baptists claimed not to be a denomination. I grew up with Church of Christ claiming the same thing, and while CofC clearly is a denomination according to the definitions used by sociologists, anthropologists and historians, this silliness is mitigated by their lack of a central political authority. SBCers apparently don't realize that if your church signs on to an organizational constitution that is managed at the national level, you not only belong to a denomination, you belong to a denomination that has a problem with pathological lying.


Southern Baptists most certainly identify themselves as a denomination. I think this author was confused with the Church of Christ, or that we (SBCs)decry any kind of a hierarchy--at least in theory, though often not in practice, and uphold (again, at least in theory) the autonomy of the local church. He was incorrect about many of his facts, and clearly has an axe to grind with someone, but nonetheless, spot on in terms of his main arguments.

Greg Horton

Scott, thanks for getting the main point, but the irony is that you continue to say the SBC is denomination and that all churches are autonomous. I supposed it's possible for people who believe 3=1 to believe that the concept of autonomous churches = denomination is a true statement when those "autonomous" churches can be kicked out of a "denomination." The minor point was that the SBC says both statements with a straight face, as if the very idea isn't self-defeating and contradictory. And I don't think I have any axes about, but thanks.

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