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July 28, 2011



Great interview. While Breaking Up with God was already on my wishlist, I'm now equally as excited to read A Church of Her Own.


I enjoyed the interview. Re: profanity, it's been my experience that many people (particularly those in younger generations) use the presence or absence of profanity to signal how informal or formal a particular conversation is, and how much candor is appropriate. So I don't think it's possible to have the kind of conversations it's important to have without dropping a few f-bombs.

Jessica Campbell

Greg - I reckon Sarah should fly in and join us for some wine and good food? I loved this interview - it was natural - like two friends sitting down and having a "get to know you" session. Felt like some of the conversations we've had. You two hit all the good points: don't be a dick, comfortable with the mystery, sexism in religion. Good stuff all around. Thanks Jay for putting this together so it can be shared with the interneters.

ps. this is written from Utila Honduras - which I say for two reasons: 1. so you'll all be ridiculously jealous, and 2. to let you (Sarah and Greg) that your great words are being listened to everywhere.

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