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July 25, 2011


Trevor Palen

The Fox thing is pretty damn funny.

Having had a decent amount of involvement with the organization during undergrad, it was really a question of when, not if, the name would change to "Cru" from "CCfC". Crusade is a word that not only no longer appeals to most university culture anymore, but is almost always received with negative connotation.


I was just going to mention that. "Cru" is very cheesy, and I would be embarrassed to be involved with it regardless of its activities, but it is much better than anything with the word "Crusade" in the title.


...And the paranoid part of me wonders whether Fox's angle is really that management is upset at "Crusade" being taken out of the name, given how much the Murdoch family has invested in military contractors.


I want to like or +1 Leighton`s second comment.

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