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July 16, 2011



Wow, this is creepy. And stupid. Yet another marketing tool as faith demonstration. I find it odd that during Bush's torture regime, the WWJD stuff just disappeared. Ugh.


RE: the creepiest ad agency. Really loved (not) the Flash Mob reading the KJV in 400 seconds. As for the rest.........I feel like it's high summer and I'm way to close to the castle trash pile.


I think your math is correct. In my own house I probably rank 500th. Still, something as simple as a bracelet reminds me and you that putting Jesus first gives us the ability to put the needs of all those others ahead of ours, too. I've got to at least start with being second and then go from there!


Ugh. This reminds me of a camp I would attend at OBU every summer, which gave out awards at the end of the week called "I am third." WIthout any irony whatsoever, the emcee would call up each winner's name from each age group, who would then parade up to the front to receive...wait for it...a t-shirt that said "I am third." The same group of guys from my youth group would always win this award, and they happened to be some of the biggest jerks I dealt with in Tuttle-landia (not that I was perfect or anything...). I failed to see any real meaning or connection to actually behaving like Jesus.


If the actual message is really "Jesus is first," how hard is it to have the bracelet say "Jesus is first"? With "I am second" (or third or whatever), the subject and sole content of the sentence is still "I." But that does fit with the pop-evangelical theology where even Jesus means nothing except as a means for aiding and abetting the narcissism that is so very easy for marketers of kitsch to exploit.


Wish I'd been wise enough to say that.


Shut. Up. You obviously know nothing. He didnt wave his bracelet around saying "look at me im perfect" he knows hes not. He knows that gods first, and hes second.


In my theology, gods always come before hes.


I don't have a theology, but gods is definitely before hes in my dictionary.

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