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September 18, 2011




Kristen C

"...The answer for now is that that piece of me is trying to find his way into the center, the true center, the one with equilibrium and patience and hope, the one occupied by we for 12 years."

This still seems so utterly impossible for me, I am running from the necessity to do this, yet I know I have to. Thank you for these words, Greg. I am sorry you both are going through the rip of separation right now, though.


You found words. Beautifully written. Sending you both lots of love and peace.


"How do I speak about I when we have 12 years of we?"

For me it was 17 years of we....its almost been a year since we have been divorced...but I still have a hard time speaking about I rather than we. Its definitely an odd awkward stage of life, for me anyway. Thanks for posting there's something therapeutic about listening & hearing others who have walked thru similar experiences.

Jessica Campbell


Adam Mac

I'm sorry, Love you both and hope the best for you.


love you both so much.

Jason Shepherd

I hated to read this. I am hoping the best for both of you.


Wishing you both the best.

Kevin Powell

As one who is on the same road, I have a sense of what you're going through. My thoughts and positive vibes are with you.



Greg, this is a really powerful post. Sorry to hear of the divorce.


Oof. It's difficult to read; I can't imagine how difficult it is to endure. I wish you both well.


Peace and love to you Greg. Thank-you for your searing honesty.


Sorry to hear about this Greg, but also very glad to know you and Susan are both breathing again...


Beautiful and heavy words, Greg. Thanks for sharing them.


Greg, thank you for sharing this - you didn't have to at all. I wish you and Susan the privacy and healing you both deserve.


This was good. I wish I could go back in time with my wife knowing what we know now, before we had 4 beautiful babies together, and make some different decisions. Now I feel stuck, she feels stuck, and I am afraid I am going to fuck up my kids life if we stay together or split up. So much of life is fake. Every step of our relationship was based on a false premise. We were "christians", this is right, all things will be well. They're not, she still believes, I have reached a plane of uncertainty. Then, we are having kids, they will change everything, they did but not for the better in regards to our relationship. ughhh
Hope, I guess...I hope.

Greg Horton

Brett, I wish you well, sir. Thanks for stopping by.


Strong, hard words. And I am sorry.
Today I fought and wept and fought some more with that man I still call "my beautiful husband."
And he is just that, but marriage is an odd and messy thing.
He and I are also very odd and messy things...*sigh*
I understand that our "rough streak" (he's a Birmingham News journalist, if that's any insight) doesn't compare to your raw loss, so I think maybe I'll just trail off right about now--I'm on quite the if-I-use-words-I'll-fuck-it-up streak today...
Still, thank you for telling. So many don't.
Regards, Leslie

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