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December 28, 2011



Their grandstanding strikes me as yet another sorry substitute for actually getting to the root of why women would abort. Why get involved in helping a teen mom or a financially struggling, unmarried pregnant woman when you can instead bellow about pulling Bibles with a distant link to abortion providers?!


I am hopeful that the SBC will realize that it's far better to keep their word on a pledge than to take the opportunity to grandstand and demonize

Thanks for the belly laugh, I really needed it this morning. :)


Just for clarity, I think it's reasonable to expect that most individual Southern Baptists put a higher priority on letting their yes be yes and their no, no than on pointing out specks in other people's eyes. That seems fair to say. The SBC administration, on the other hand, missing out on an opportunity for partisan histrionics and imposing political litmus tests? I'll believe it when I see it.


I think the transitive property only applies if the other side of the transitive equation is connected with abortion, homosexuality, Mormonism, or Islam. Example: if it comes down to Newt versus Mitt, SBCers will support Newt, because divorce has long been removed from the transitive possibilities.


Reading this made my head explode. I lost 6 SBC Facebook friends after posting this LOL

Account Deleted

Bitchslappin is fun, isn't it? Lolz. Check out this video from Canadian comedian Josh Rimer which I found on YouTube! http://youtu.be/yDCk3NN_HAs

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