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January 02, 2012


Trevor Palen

If we take the assumption that God is actively involved in the affairs of individual lives, then I don't think it's fair to say "it's just a game". Now I'll qualify that and say that any involvement from God in said matters is really only applicable to those directly affected by the (entirety of then) game: Players, coaches, their families, owners, etc. Outside of a small group of people, I would wholely agree with the sentiment of the post...I certainly don't think it's God's M.O. to make his impact on other people's lives through entertainment.


As a church-going, charismatic believer myself I have to agree that one team or one player SHOULD NOT proclaim that God is using them alone in some divine plan for football (any sport).

Afterall, like you said aren't there other CHRISTIAN players as well on the opposing teams... are they any less worthy of God's audience or favour.

I think the issue is that in a democratic environment one is allowed (Thank God) to express, exagerrate and even pontificate about your beliefs. I guess the real problem is, why should it upset you so much... The media will blow anything out of proportion cause that's what sells.

If Tebow uses his profession and the reach he has to 'preach' his beliefs then more power to him. Everyone (all human kind) believes in SOMETHING... even when they choose not to be believe in a higher power. They believe in their sport and their team right down to the end of play - Heh, isn't that their 'religion' as well. :)

Kevin Powell

Excellent post. My beef with Tebow`s public displays of faith is that he draws attention to himself, rather than to the God he confesses as Lord. He gets people talking about his religiosity, rather than the content of his faith. However well meaning he may be, his actions are not creating the results he intends. In fact, they do the opposite. Tebow does not bear witness to Jesus, but to himself.

Evins Riddick

Everyone of us has the right to practice any religious beliefs in accordance to what sect you are a member of. But to this case he has no right to like that, You don't need to include Jesus in your not so good manners for just a game.

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