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February 02, 2012


Jonathan Eby

Thanks, Greg. Although I often find your blog posts offensive, they consistently challenge me to define/clarify/question what I believe to be true. That's why I keep reading.

Jessica Campbell

Thanks, Greg. Although I often find you holding back in your blog posts, they consistently remind me how right we are as we have struggled over the course of many years to define/clarify/question what we believe to be true. That's why I keep reading.

dr dobson

I didn't know Eminem had dark hair and, ahem, was a Christian. This guy is a kick-ass rapper. All he needs is a band backing him up. Thanks be to God that he no doubt has that every Saturday night in the gymnatorium.

M. Corley

Well, it beats D.C. Talk.


From his fb page: "I love Jesus, I'm addicted to grace, and I'm just a messed up dude trying to make Him famous."

Pretty sure Jesus was famous before you got here. What you meant to say was, "I'm just a narcissistic dude trying to make myself famous."

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