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April 06, 2012


Adam W

It also seems that Gresham was inclined to mention only those comments from the student body that support his and the Nazarene position. I can't imagine the student body was 100% opposed to the Equality Ride's visit and message. And it would be nice if this were videotaped. Did that happen?

dr dobson

Thanks for making me laugh (again) this morning, Greg. Your post immediately brought to memory a party held at Gresham's house years ago at which the party-goers were served, and I'm not making this up, cranberry juice in wine glasses. Is this relevant to your post? Not directly, but it does speak to the mindset that is Loren Gresham and the fact that his Yellow Brick Road is built with nothing other than Nazarene pavers (a few of which have evidently fallen off the Nazarene hauler and hit him on the head).

As to any potential of open dialogue on any controversial topic, you're more likely to see "bring your own wine" listed in a Nazarene church bulletin announcement for a church dinner than any interest by SNU admin in any honest "dialogue" about anything with any non-Nazarene. In fairness to SNU, however, I suppose it doesn't matter outside of the Nazarene cloister. It is also important to be reminded of the Nazarene's use of the word, "dialogue", which to most leaders in that denomination means nothing more than "yes, rest assured [insert obscure country church congregation reference here], we have eliminated the threat of [insert controversial topic-du-jour here] and it no longer poses a threat to our pure holiness existence." [insert the sound of my vomit exiting my mouth and splashing on the floor here].

I do think that Gresham et al are at least honest in their pursuit of what they're trying to do (being the best example of a staunch Nazarene to an audience of nothing but staunch Nazarenes). This no longer bothers me because I no longer shop on that aisle. It continues, however, to result in dear old grannies continuing to give their retirement money toward their district budgets . . .

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