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April 16, 2012



I'm guessing you don't get to write your own headlines? I would think "Baptist blogger points out that SBC Ethics Agency Head plagiarized" would be more accurate, given the sourcing.

Greg Horton

It's a weird world this journalism gig. It's nearly always accused or alleged. Even in this case where it was clear that he'd plagiarized. As we explain to students over an over, even unintentional plagiarism is plagiarism. He did it. Period. On purpose? That's all that's left to be determined.


It does make sense as a kind of quick and dirty liability protection.


I'm not even sure if on purpose can be questioned at this point. He lifted an entire paragraph. That doesn't happen by accident. If he didn't know that was not ok, then he is culpable for that failure of knowledge. Then, I'm not likely to be objective in this case since I've been convinced for a long time that Land lacks all scruples. (I also think he's probably a sociopath, but that's just charitable conjecture.)

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