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June 13, 2012



Clicked on the link to the HuffPo piece on most/least religious cities. I knew I made the right choice in moving to Denver.


I think you might be a little harsh on the "spiritual" breakaways here. I think the rejection of the "Christian" label is a good thing; I think the distaste for the label is worthwhile evidence that modern American Christianity is so interchangable with politics and dogma that the christians you describe are humiliated to admit their christianity.

In another sense, I'm not althogether certain that finding a new label for christianity is a bad thing. I think we all agree - since it's evident on its face - that Christianity is literally nothing at all even resembling Jesus. I think it makes perfect sense that people would relate to Jesus and simultaneously not relate to Christianity. At that point, do you degrade yourself by associating with bigots, racists, misogynists, institutional child rape, fraud, and warmongering, or do you simply invent a new label for your beliefs?

And if you find yourself arriving at the conclusion that the past 2000 years of dogma and religious abuses don't represent you, what do you do next? You certainly don't go to church, since it makes little sense to surround yourself with dogma while trying to escape it. More or less, you're left out on your own to figure shit out. Again, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. The Bible and religion in general have been overthought - taken too seriously.

We know that the scientific value of religion is, essentially, that self-deception makes you blissfully ignorant. I think that the "spiritual" crowd is really just being MORE honest about their faith by admitting that their religion is really what's at the heart of all religions: a way to make yourself feel better. In addition to just being a little more honest, these "spiritual" folk are clearly making a concerted effort to not be assholes in the ways that Christians are typically assholes. It sounds like a win/win if you ask me.

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