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July 06, 2012



A good friend of mine on Facebook that is atheist suggested we might agree to call it the Optimus Prime particle, thus avoiding confusion while keeping an indication of how cool this particle and the discovery are.


I like to imagine Creation as a football field. The part of Creation that we come close to understanding is about the length and width of one of those white stripes.

Matt Mikalatos

I heard a scientist on NPR who said that the "unfortunate" nickname of God particle came about because Leon Lederman was writing a book and wanted to call it "The God Damned Particle" because science seemed to demand that it exist but they couldn't prove that it did. His editors balked, shortened the name and voila!

For the record, I'm not horrified or disdainful about the Higgs Boson. I think it's neat.

Greg Horton

I hope that story is true because I rather like it. I'm sure Leighton will weigh in if it's not. For the record, not surprised that you appreciate it. Well done, sir.


Not only is the story true, check out the title of the book in question.


C'mon, Greg, all beliefs lead to the same god particle ;)

Matt Mikalatos

A friend of mine in the UK wrote me and said that all Catholics love the Higgs Boson because without it no one could have mass.

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