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October 19, 2012


dr dobson

This is a very interesting interview, Greg, and one that motivates me to read this guy's book. Thanks for posting.

It is also interesting to ponder not so much how similar the result of any fundamentalism is, but in arriving at said same result from completely different regions on the political and theological spectrum.

From my experience having lived in the west and worked in the Middle East amongst many Muslims from time to time (many of whom are still good friends of mine that I interact with at least weekly), I think that most western Christians form their political ideology from a position (largely) of freedom (as in freedom to form a political belief/ideology without such being imposed on them by the state); whereas most Muslims that I know (in the Arab world, at least) form their political beliefs (largely) because such beliefs are actually imposed upon them by the state.

Stated differently, western faith beliefs, for the most part, are instructive to a lifestyle/political system, whereas sharia/Islam is definitive of a lifestyle/political system.

That being said, I find it very intriguing how folks from vastly different faith systems (instructive versus definitive) can arrive often at a very similar, if not identical political ideology which, at its core, is no different from the other (oppressive).

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