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July 06, 2013



Interesting post. I, too, am curious what Lifechurch.tv can do with that new location that wasn't already being done by Bridgeway, Frontline, Britton Christian, or one of the other dozen lifechurch.tv campuses. It smells like colonization.

Richard Mize

Just stumbled across this. The "PR" here, as I recall, is that I saw the land deal and called LifeChurch. I think. I don't they called the paper. And what in the heck is purple about my prose? Garsh! Incidentally, I am ambivalent about LifeChurch, and am an ordained minister in the UCC. Sorry if my choice of verbiage implied any judgment one way or the other. But "purple"? Ouch. And, no. Peace.

Greg Horton

Richard, thanks for the response. The PR comment wasn't directed at you, but at a certain "religion writer" at your fine publication. It is she who writes the PR for Jesus. One would hope that as a real estate writer you are given to avoiding giving credit to one deity or another for buildings, homes, etc., UCC minister or not. The purple prose comment...well, you did write "social ills," and since you weren't redoing "Bleak House," I'll leave that comment intact.

Richard Mize

Fair enough!

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