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February 11, 2014



My favorite part of Pascal's Wager is how he concludes that you should "tak[e] holy water" and "hav[e] masses said," because a heretical offshoot of Catholicism is clearly the only alternative to nihilism.

Also, as a fan of comics and novels that feature active pantheons, I loved the blatant contradiction in "There is only one God. And I couldn't vote for an atheist because Satan could just come in and take up his mind."


Then there's the paradox. If someone doesn't believe in God they probably don't believe in the Adversary either. That image should really blow their minds. Ol' Devil comes a knockin'. Gets told to move along down the road. No place for you here.

Paul D.

Muslims actually do accept Jesus as the Messiah. That ought to make your students prefer a Muslim politician to a Jewish one.

Greg Horton

If you mean his role in the end helping the Mahdi, that's more of a John the Baptist thing. It's clear Muslims and Christians mean something vastly different when they talk about Jesus. 

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Paul D.

Sure, but Christians don't know what "Messiah" means anyway.

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