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July 26, 2014



Who are you and how did you become my hero so fast?


Excellent observations.

other ideas

"people of all faiths prefer their own narrative to other narratives. It's absolutely a matter of preference". Calling it a 'preference' is coldly trivializing... If you pry their eyes open and take away the narrative they've entrusted their hopes, fears to, it may very well literally present a shock-of-death crisis to deal with. Its not always possible to leave job or kids or disease or home foreclosure or whatever long enough to re-learn or spirit-quest or consider any alternate theories or even just learn more about the one that was given to you by your fore-bearers. And for the less educated, faith is very much like a sort of spiritual manna in a bleak desert of sin. Suprise: You might not always get a rational reaction when you try to take this away...

Greg Horton

Your ideas are interesting but I don't trust anonymous posters 

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