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July 18, 2014



Obligatory "not-all" disclaimer that I forgot to include in my email: most of what I know about biblical scholarship and NT Greek, I learned from scholars affiliated with CofC. Not everyone who belongs to a certain sub-sect is going to believe or assert the same thing. My point, like yours, was that reading a text is not correlated with any particular actions taken as a result of reading the text.


This right here: "In fact, the ways in which Americans regularly indulge their own confirmation biases related to politics is exhausting, and while the psychology of it is obvious to outsiders, no amount of words strung together would begin to penetrate the web of preferences and biases that shapes American political affiliations. Americans have long ago surrendered a quest for truth in favor of a quest for being right, and that has been catastrophic for the common good and civil discourse."

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