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January 20, 2015


Richard Mize

Pico Della DAMN AUTOCORRECT Mirandola fan here. Oration on the Dignity of Man, mainly. What else would you recommend from him toward your comment above?


To the modern mind that takes everything literally and views most things as external objects or concepts, the Great Chain of Being, and even Christianity, are totally absurd 'ideas.' One has to be aware of ancient cosmology for it to make sense. The cosmological worldview mirrored teachings on the inner life; man's place in the universe (macrocosmos) was balanced by his psychology (microcosmos). Now these pre-scientific worldviews seem ridiculous, and so does any mythology operating from them. Martha Heynaman's excellent work 'The Breathing Cathedral' explores this in depth.

There is a depth of meaning that can be gained from these ancient psychologies, but unfortunately the vast majority take them literally. The fundamentalist chooses to compromise his reason and fight tooth and nail that the myth is history and the only way to understand ultimate reality despite often very obvious evidence to the contrary. The neo-atheist, thinks the same way-literally, chooses to reject it all as a silly fantasy and embrace a materialist metaphysic that is devoid of any meaning, albeit largely unacknowledged. Both are limited by belief systems and miss the vast depth of ancient teachings.

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